6 International Conference on Information Technologies and ...

Igor Bernik, University of Maribor, Slovenia ... 17:10 - 17:30 Joze Bucar: Case Study: Web Clipping and Sentiment Analysis ... The experimental results point out that the selectivity-based keyword extraction has ... Acids Research 28, 27-30, 2000. ... Gregorčičeva 19 , 5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia ... (n − 1)(n − 3) − 1 (−1)n 1.

6 International Conference on Information Technologies and ... - Sorodni dokumenti

6 International Conference on Information Technologies and ...


Igor Bernik, University of Maribor, Slovenia ... 17:10 - 17:30 Joze Bucar: Case Study: Web Clipping and Sentiment Analysis ... The experimental results point out that the selectivity-based keyword extraction has ... Acids Research 28, 27-30, 2000. ... Gregorčičeva 19 , 5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia ... (n − 1)(n − 3) − 1 (−1)n 1.

1st International Conference on Technologies & Business Models ...


problematiki predstavlja proces flokulacije, ki omogoča nastanek poroznejše strukture izčrpanega ... Limfjord fjord in Aalborg (Table 8). Recycled sand and glass ...

The Second International Conference on European Conference on ...


23 июн 2014 ... new types of building materials such as гипсокартон,гипсофазер,итонг,инокс,лами‑ нат,топлозащитно стъкло. The variety of names for ...

WTO, E-commerce, and Information Technologies - World Trade ...


1 Mar 2004 ... S&D Provisions Relevant to E-commerce in the WTO Agreements and the Doha ... 130 In fact, industry sources claim that ITA II is in “a coma.” ...

conference information - IJS


TAXI. Taxi Intertours: 386 31311311. Taxi Intercity: 386 1 5212999 ... TAXI: Mikro Taxi: 386 41 444 222. ORGANIZERS. Jožef Stefan Institute, Jamova cesta ...

Technologies innovaTion eT ManageMenT inTernaTional ... - HEI


Accessible en 4ème année, le domaine TIMTEX répond aux besoins du secteur en formant des ingénieurs capables de concevoir et de mettre au point des ...

conference information & programme - Life with Bears


16 Sep 2018 ... Franc Kljun, technician at Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. Hubert Potočnik ... Astrid Stronen. Large carnivore population.

Practical Information Note-RI Conference Zagreb


The Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU is pleased to host the ... Special buses, provided by Croatia Airlines, between the Main Bus Station in Zagreb.

Technologies innovaTion eT ManageMenT inTernaTional TexTiles


Accessible en 4ème année, le domaine TIMTEX répond aux besoins du secteur en formant des ingénieurs capables de concevoir et de mettre au point des ...

International Conference


Getting the youngsters to become aware of their own communication skills and taking responsibility for it, Gordana Kaisersberger Grlica, VIZ VIŠNJA GORA,.



14 May 2017 ... Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, Croatia. For the Publisher: Damir Knjaz, Dean. Editors-in-Chief: Dragan Milanović. Goran Sporiš.

international labour conference - ILO


ILO direct contacts mission by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of. Labour and ... presse de la DİSK et la KESK et de leurs syndicats affiliés, de nombreuses.

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference


eliminated in all replicates inoculated with isolate 1 (Record for PVY, Ostara for PVX ... Razmnoţavanje novih sorti jagode metodom kulture meristema in vitro.

proceedings 1st international conference - imin-org.eu


24 Sep 2016 ... Proceedings of the 1st International IMIN Conference. 24 September 2016, Orlando, Florida. Brussels: International Microvascular Net. 69pp.

Programme of the international conference of the 5th festival “TO ...


4 okt 2019 ... ... the Unesco ASPnet inside and outside the school enables pupils and teachers to develop properly, Cvetko Golar Škofja Loka Primary School.

The Third International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics ...


6 Feb 2020 ... 14:25-14:50 AA-3060. Uniqueness of Zero-Divisor Graphs with Loops. Aihua Li. 14:50-15:15 AA-3038. BZS Near-Rings and Rings. Mark Farag ...

the tenth international conference on ... - ИЦиГ - СО РАН


1 Apr 2013 ... KATIS: INTEGRATIVE INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR ... BMC Genomics 2015, 16(Suppl ... Furthermore, based on KATIS we developed the.

Conference Program - ITS 2019 - IIS International


3 Jun 2019 ... Learning by Arguing in Argument-Based Machine Learning Framework. Matej Guid, Martin Možina, Matevž Pavlič and Klemen Turšič.

3 rd International Conference Innovation and ... - IOPscience


2University of Maribor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Research and Innovation. Centre for Design and Clothing Science, Smetanova ulica 17, Maribor, ...

7th International Conference on Enterprise in Transition


Lena Malešević. Maja Mihaljević. Diana Mijačika. Vinko Muštra. Velimir Skroza. Tina Vuko ... Pecotich, Anthony; Crnjak-Karanović, Biljana; Renko, Nataša.

The 32nd International Conference on ... - JVE Conferences


The 32nd International Conference on VIBROENGINEERING. Dynamics and Acoustics in Automotive Engineering. 22-24th May 2018, Brno, Czech Republic ...

XXI International Conference on Chemical Reactors


22 Sep 2014 ... SEM and Hg porosimetry of hierachical macro-/mesoporous silica monolith (MonoSil). Productivity ... Estévez R., López-Pedrajas S., Luna D., Bautista F.M.* ... [8] P. Pestman, R.M. Koster, A. van Duijne, J.A.Z. Pieterse, V. Ponec, J. Catal. ... [2] Hakim, L.F., Blackson, J., George, S.M. and Weimer, A.W. (2005): ...

физика - GDP 2019 - International Conference Gas Discharge ...


Тогда выраже- ние (4) примет следующий вид: 2. 2. 1. 2. 2 v. I. d m. cMR d T. ⎛. ⎞. ∂δ γ = − ... что при газификации 1 кг текстиля синтез-газ имеет теплотворную способность 11.46 МДж/м3, а ... Barve S.A., Chopade S.S., Kar R., et al.

1st International Conference: Integral Green Economy For a Better ...


Challenge: Future, Centre for School and Outdoor Education, BC Naklo, EKOCI - The eco-civil initiative of Slovenia, instruments of national development policy .

international conference on the question of jerusalem - the United ...


27 Jun 2019 ... known as Corpus Separatum), which was decreed by the Ottoman Sultan in 1850s. -uoii,imriixl V, Kii18 & MOI(K(0 1958. I. Atx!eLHakirri Arner.

Hidden Geographies International Conference Ljubljana, 29-31 ...


Shuttle transfers (required online reservation and payment in advance): GoOpti, MNJ Shuttle, Markun Shuttle, ZUP prevozi. Taxi: Taxi services are available in ...

53rd International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition


2-5 April 2019 iatefl. LIVERPOOL. 2019. Conference. Programme. Conference Programme sponsored by: 53rd International. IATEFL Conference and Exhibition.

Tenth International Scientific Conference T - Core


9 окт. 2016 ... Biljana Buzlevski, PhD . ... Biljana Kapusevska . ... фортификацијата и кај Епископската базилика. Opus testaceum, користен е кај арките, ...

38 th annual crime stoppers international conference


piracy and organ trafficking! TOC threatens peace and ... Star Bay 3. Political & legal challenges of fighting cable signal piracy. Rodolfo Mendoza, President,.

International Conference on Graph Theory and ... - matheo.si


16 May 2014 ... UP IAM (Andrej Marušic Institute, University of Primorska). IN COLLABORATION WITH: UL PeF (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education).

Proceedings of 10th International Scientific Conference ... - KPCBE


[11] Kantelhardt, J. W., E. Koscielny-Bunde, H. H. A. Rego, S. Havlin & A. Bunde (1995). Detecting ... are big sport markets (e.g. Decathlon, Hervis…). 2.1.3 Half ...

International Dementia with Lewy Bodies Conference - American ...


22 Nov 2015 ... Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) is a clinical syndrome characterized by ... Strasbourg; University Medical Centre Ljubljana; G. d'Annunzio ...

13th International Conference on Distributed Smart Cameras v2


10:10 - 11:10 Oral Session 1: Cameras and Camera Networks. Automatic Extrinsic Calibration of Camera Networks Based on Pedestrians. Anh Minh Truong ...

International Research Conference on Economics, Arts and Sciences


стоит игрушка – зебра. На ценнике написано: «Ишак-матрос». ... концептуальной системе продавцов, написавших ценник. Таким образом, одной из ...