Eminem's Construction of Authenticity - Taylor & Francis Online

In his song “Who Knew” (The Marshall Mathers LP), Eminem deals with the issue lyrically: “I don't ... by approximately 38 to one (“Discographies”). On the one ...

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Eminem's Construction of Authenticity - Taylor & Francis Online


In his song “Who Knew” (The Marshall Mathers LP), Eminem deals with the issue lyrically: “I don't ... by approximately 38 to one (“Discographies”). On the one ...

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modernism, see Matthew Biro, The Dada. Cyborg: ... graphic montage in detail in Biro, Dada. Cyborg, esp. ... Telingater, John Heartfield, Moscow: Ogis. 1936 ...

You Know You Love Me - Taylor & Francis Online


Gossip Girl fanvids and the amplification of emotion. Catherine Burwell. In this paper, I analyse young women's video remixes of the teen drama Gossip Girl.

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Telenovelas: Consumption and. Dissemination of a Brazilian. Fashion. Maria Claudia Bonadio has a. PhD in History from the State. University of Campinas.

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veking's 'moments of hearing'—and shows how the BBC created a space not only for 'moderately adventurous' aesthetic experiments, but also for artistic efforts ...

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4 Mar 2017 ... Effects of short-term consumption of Morinda citrifolia (Noni) fruit juice ... consumption of noni fruit juice by C57BL/6 mice. ... Pinhais, PR, Brazil).

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Radovan Hojsa,e and Ivan Krajnca. aFaculty of Medicine, University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia; bDepartment of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain ...

William Lewis, MB, FRS - Taylor & Francis Online


31 Aug 2019 ... William Lewis, M.B., F.R.S. (1708 1781). 123 ... following year he matriculated with a view to taking the M.B. degree, ... Guard Book~, vii, /~os.

Araneae, Theraphosidae - Taylor & Francis Online


E-mail: [email protected]. ISSN 1477-2000 print / 1478-0933 online. © The Trustees of the Natural History Museum, London 2019. All Rights Reserved.

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“Practical Effects” in The Babadook. Jason Middleton and Meredith A. Bak. One might say that the true subject of the horror genre is the struggle for recognition ...

Can there be food sovereignty here? - Taylor & Francis Online


COMMENTARY. FOOD SOVEREIGNTY: A CRITICAL DIALOGUE. Can there be food sovereignty here? Tania Murray Li. A central figure in the food sovereignty ...

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23 May 2017 ... Apert syndrome is a rare type of syndromic craniosynostosis. Children have an explicit phenotype with craniofacial dys- morphologies (Figure 1) ...

potash, saltpeter and tar - Taylor & Francis Online


In this article, I compare the wood consumption in the production of potash, saltpeter and pine wood tar in 19th century. Finland. My calculations shows that in the ...

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Lubomira Izakova (Slovakia), Peter Pregelj (Slovenia), Esperanza Gomez (Spain), Per. Lindqvist (Sweden), Marc Graf (Switzerland), Jenny Shaw, Christine ...

E-Books vs. Print: Which is the Better Value? - Taylor & Francis Online


Jonathan Bunkell, Vice President of Online Book Sales for Elsevier,. Ltd., presented an examination of e-books versus print books in order to assess which is the ...

Relating to representations of youth - Taylor & Francis Online


Smells Like Teen Spirit signalled the twilight years of emerging adulthood. ... would be difficult to find and as such, the words strike a powerful chord on which to ...

From sexation to sexualization: dispersed ... - Taylor & Francis Online


nonetheless, obfuscates complex relationships in the sex industry (Chin 2013). In this article, we introduce the concepts of DS and sexation specifically in order ...

The Elder in African Society - Taylor & Francis Online


SUMMARY. Conventional wisdom presents the elder in African soci- ety as a wise, dignified and powerful figure, who keeps the culture alive and guides the ...

Of Kings and Queens and Their Wills - Taylor & Francis Online


Suzannah Lipscomb. The King is Dead: The Last Will and. Testament of Henry VIII. New York: Pegasus Books,. 2016. 192 pp., ...

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16 Oct 2018 ... ... Boris Majcenc, Andrej Srakarc,d and Miroslav Verbiç c,d. aDepartment of Economics, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt, Austria; ...

Female Spectatorship and the Masquerade - Taylor & Francis Online


Her dramatic metamorphosis began with Untitled Film Stills (1977–1980), in which she acted out a variety of female roles from Hollywood and European movies. In.

René Magritte and Abstraction - Taylor & Francis Online


René Magritte's early interest in abstract painting shaped the painter's subsequent. Surrealist works. Scholars typically dismiss these early abstractions as ...

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82 av. Sveriges kyrkor ( 980). De nämner dock inte att stolarna är nykomponerade. Även om Wahlman bemödade sig om att i huvudsak bibehålla Berg- stens ...

Action research in schools - Taylor & Francis Online


[email protected]. Quality performance of the increasingly important professional role of the teacher requires a continued learning and professional ...

Heidegger's Early Critique of Husserl - Taylor & Francis Online


In this way, Heidegger's sometimes very severe critique must be understood as an internal critique. Keywords: Husserl; Heidegger; phenomenology; ontology; ...

KPSS test and model misspecifications - Taylor & Francis Online


The KPSS test is very popular and used extensively by practitioners. The test considers two models under the null: stationarity around a deterministic level or ...

Jennifer Kent Discusses The Babadook - Taylor & Francis Online


The Babadook. Paul Risker. Reflecting on the experience of her feature directorial debut The Babadook (2014),. Australian filmmaker Jennifer Kent explains: ...

Patricia Piccinini's monstrous cute - Taylor & Francis Online


This paper focuses upon the work of internationally renowned Australian artist. Patricia Piccinini in order to explore the hypertexted streams of meanings that.

Mercator's Southern Continent: Its Origins ... - Taylor & Francis Online


first produced by Gerard Mercator on his globe gores of 1541.3. The fact ... 25The names Java Major and Java Minor derived from Marco Polo, who apparently.

Valerie Solanas as abject revolutionary - Taylor & Francis Online


Through performative writing and using Cixous' notion of écriture feminine, this piece explores how the archival and treatment of Valerie Solanas' 'lost' manuscript ...

Passing in the Soccer World Cup 2002. - Taylor & Francis Online


This study aimed to provide a more detailed insight into passing during the 2002 World Cup whereby post event analysis of six group matches was undertaken (3 ...

The Special Case of Peter Zumthor - Taylor & Francis Online


Peter Zumthor writes about ''developing an architecture which sets out from and returns to real things'', referring to both his own design process and the qualities ...

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“The Diamond as Big as the Ritz”. Laura E. B. Key. F. Scott Fitzgerald was notoriously inept with regard to managing his vast income at the height of his literary ...

Ants as a Major Food Source of the Chough - Taylor & Francis Online


Wales is found on the island of Ramsey, off the coast of Pembrokeshire, ... stay on Ramsey, and to Marion Dadds who accompanied me and helped with much.

Prince Rogers Nelson, 1958–2016 - Taylor & Francis Online


Dirty Mind, Controversy, 1999, Purple Rain, Around the World in a Day. The second half ... Often Prince used only one or two chords on an entire track, working ...

distributed agency in the mind-game film - Taylor & Francis Online


incest phantasy to form the loop that saves mankind) and to Dunkirk, where ... Legacy, Déjà Vu, Shutter Island, Birdman, Source Code (IMDb lists under. 'trauma' ...