Gender and Ethnic Relations in Sierra Leone: Temne Women ... - jstor

cated Temne market women in shaping the socio-economic history of Britain's oldest colony in colonial ... History in Africa, Volume 39 (2012), pp. 267-292. Joseph J. ... sense of unity among them, irrespective of ethnic origin. The membership.

Gender and Ethnic Relations in Sierra Leone: Temne Women ... - jstor - Sorodni dokumenti

Gender and Ethnic Relations in Sierra Leone: Temne Women ... - jstor

cated Temne market women in shaping the socio-economic history of Britain's oldest colony in colonial ... History in Africa, Volume 39 (2012), pp. 267-292. Joseph J. ... sense of unity among them, irrespective of ethnic origin. The membership.

Female Genital Mutilation in Sierra Leone: who are the ... - jstor

African Journal of Reproductive Health December 2012; 16(4): 119 ... sense that the practice is either harmless or good Bo for the health14 ... Demographic and Health Survey (SL DHS 2008), In the North>the Temne ethnic êrouP is the larêest.

CSL~dV03- OG-PT - Special Court for Sierra Leone

16 Sep 2003 ... URi faR S . , SPE,. E~·,rD. , HEC,....l' I~ .... . GOUfrr Rf;CQ~.D~ . ,. , ....,~. •.l. ~ ei- St ',O' ..J. . c',,-".,:;:!." . ~ ,..,.l::J. 1'lP-ME. [k .. S. · G~ 1:ll4•....;:.

CPI January, 2020 - Statistics Sierra Leone

20 Feb 2020 ... Transport footwear increased from 2.19 percent in December 2019 to 4.67 percent in. January 2020. The inflation rate increased by 2.48 ...

The Chiefdoms of Sierra Leone - Michigan State University

20 Oct 2012 ... Second, there is a very concrete sense in which, as time moves forward, having a written ... provided in detail in Acemoglu, Reed and Robinson (2012). ... The current chief is Kandeh Paria Ka-Walei, a Temne elected in 2010.

Charles Taylor appeal - Special Court for Sierra Leone

26 Sep 2013 ... indictment against Taylor was confirmed by the SCSL, and a Warrant of ... Secretary in the Ministry of Justice and ―took part in drafting the.

Special Court for Sierra Leone: Achieving Justice? - University of ...

The creation of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL or the. Court) in early ... by the Ministry of Justice and partially by voluntary contributions. According to ...

"Gender within Gender": Zanele Muholi's Images of Trans ... - jstor

transgender and intersex activist Julius Kaggwa; the production of Exquisite. Gender, a collection of short films by southern African trans people; and.

What is gender? Why do women tend to have lower status than men?

In fact, raising children and taking care of housework are strenuous tasks, in no way inferior to work done by men. The following graph shows daily working ...

How Men And Women Differ: Gender Differences in Communication ...

exist in the way in which they communicate, influence, or lead, men and women have ... characteristic with gender as men are seen as superior to women.

Gender and the Reproductive Rights of Tarok Women in Central ...

Findings show wide scale abuses of Tarok women's reproductive rights. Most of these abuses may be traced to traditional male-centred socio-cultural structures ...

Women and Gender in the Early Modern Low Countries ... - OAPEN

Bruaene, Julie de Groot, Aaron Hyman, and Bert Watteeuw; panelists Mirjam ... (The Hague; Zwolle: Historical Museum; Waanders, 1997); Beranek, Saskia.

Gender Equality Lens - City for All Women Initiative

(CPS) and the City for All Women Initiative (CAWI), a partnership between the City of Ottawa and women representing diverse ... My grandmother said I was a bright shining star for our Cree community. But when I ... information all in one place.

Mapping Women's and Gender Studies in the Academic ... - ERIC

Bahovec; German Lan- guage Department – Neva Šlibar, and Sociology – Milica Antić Gaber) and had four distinct modules: Feminist Theory and Philosophy, ...

Mapping women™s and gender studies in the academic ... - peDOCS

Empfohlene Zitierung/ Suggested Citation: Antic Gaber, Milica: Mapping women's and gender studies in the academic field in Slovenia - In: CEPS. Journal 7 ...

Fauna and Stratigraphic Relations of the Prout Limestone and ... - jstor

studied the Plum Brook and Bloomingville localities. In the first he recognized 11 zones, of which the Prout limestone formed the topmost. The other 10 zones ...

Fish pluralities: Human-animal relations and sites of ... - jstor

humans and animals, together, as active agents in political and colonial processes in northern. Canada. By examining human-fish relationships, as they have ...

Pietro Longhi and Carlo Goldoni: Relations between Painting ... - jstor

the Medebac company in 1748, Goldoni analyzed. Venetian social customs with the precision so ob- viously missing in Longhi. In his repertory of flatterers, ...

On the Etymology of the Ethnic Slur "Tschusch" - jstor

16 Jan 1996 ... 8 Cited from Wolf-Beranek 1975: 14, with reference to the region ... The SSKJ and contemporary dictionaries of Austrian German record the.

Gender and the Deconstruction of the Race Concept - jstor

Although it was not the explicit intent of Boas to cast aside the concept of race, his critique of racism contributed to that conceptual revolution, as we shall see.

the role of gender in accusations of witchcraft - jstor

Mirjam Mencej : The Role of Gender in Accusations of Witchcraft: the case of Eastern Slovenia therefore to establish whether the gender and the relationship ...

Culture and Gender in the Danelaw: Scandinavian and Anglo ... - jstor

mize the presence of a new p ... M. Iversen, U. Näsman, and J. Vellev, Jysk. Arkaeologisk Selskabs skrifter 28, Hojbjerg: Jysk Arkaeologisk Selskab, 83-108.

Gender, previous knowledge, personality traits and subject ... - jstor

and subject-specific motivation as predictors of students' math grade in upper-secondary school. Cirila Peklaj • Anja Podlesek • Sonja Pečjak. Received: 10 July ...

Bauhaus Hausfraus: Gender Formation in Design Education - jstor

tions in mass production forms the real legacy of the Bauhaus for the twentieth century. The essay draws heavily on personal statements by Bau- haus students ...

Interpreting Women's Lives - jstor

discussed m this collection iclude biographies, autobiographies, diares, letters, and life histones. In their closmg chapter, the Personal Narratives Group (PNG), ...

Be Here Now: Young Women's War Diaries and the Practice ... - jstor

Anne Frank, Dang Thuy Tram, Zlata. Filipovic, Riverbend, and other girls and women have found ... Zlata Filipovic; and Last Night I Dreamed of Peace by Dang ...

Marriage, Honor, Agency, and Trials by Ordeal: Women's ... - jstor

lana's status in the household was left ambiguous: sons born to her might not be accepted as sons ... 159: 'Listen friend for life [praner sai], I speak to you without.

The Future of Early Modern Women's Studies: The Case of ... - jstor

of Same-Sex Friendship and. Desire in Zayas and ... rant of all matters sexual because " [n]o hab?a llegado a su ... "Estragos que causa el vicio"). As to Duarte's.

On Measuring Gender Bias in Translation of Gender-neutral Pronouns

28 May 2019 ... Matej Martinc, Iza Skrjanec, Katja Zupan, and Senja. Pollak. 2017. Pan 2017: Author profiling-gender and language variety prediction. In CLEF ...

Temne podobe nemškega filmskega ekspresionizma kot ... - FDV

Ključne besede: filmska semiotika, nacizem, nemški filmski ekspresionizem, ... neznačilno; redki primeri so Langova uspešnica Dr. Mabuse; Igralec (1922), ki je satira ... glavnih vlogah nastopili Klaus Kinski, Isabelle Adjani in Bruno Ganz.

Recommendations for sex/gender neuroimaging - Gender Studies in ...

28 Aug 2014 ... 1 Aston Brain Centre, School of Life and Health Sciences (Psychology), Aston ... Issues in functional neuroimaging sex/gender research.

The Social Anthropology of Women and Feminist Anthropology - jstor

Jacob Black and took the name Michaud after entering into a serious relationship with a French Canadian anthropologist, Andree Michaud. The gesture was.

From the Sierra to the Sea - Bay Ecotarium

Sierra Nevada - that define the east and west margins of the Central Valley. ... to 70%) passes into the food chain as detritus (McCormick and Somes 1982 in ...

Sierra Serials - Maine InfoNet

If you have customized your function keys by using macros, you can press the function key or function key combination to activate the macro. For example, if you ...

Lugares de interés de Ljubljana - Sierra y Sol

(Šentjakobski most) y dé un paseo por Breg. 9 . El edificio más importante de Breg es el Palacio de Zois 10 , casa del conocido mecenas el barón Žiga Zois, ...

Leone Ebreo, Dialoghi - Prin ILIESI - Cnr

giardini: i libri, cioè, d'amore di Maestro Leone, sotto titolo di Fi- lone e Sofia: casto ... ne, nel Timeo, de la nova generazione de le cose per il sommo Dio produtte de la ... gorica che significa la vera istoria mosaica de l'unione de l'uomo ma-.